Real Life Ramblings with Ashleigh







Hey y’all, I’m Ashleigh, and this is my column, Real Life Ramblings. This is the section of Lucylicious Reads where we talk about real life issues. Everything from dealing with family drama, our children, products we love, book hangovers, what makes us happy or angry…anything and everything!! I think it’s super important for us as women to have a safe place to come to to talk about things we’re dealing with in life and not be judged. Whether it’s to vent, to raise awareness, or simply brag about an accomplishment. This is our safe place and I hope you see from my posts that I am a normal girl with normal issues that we can all relate too. My goal is to show you that you aren’t alone! We’re in this crazy journey of life together, let’s embrace it, talk about it, support each other and RAMBLE!
I think you’ll get to know me pretty well by reading my posts, but here’s a little back story: I currently live in Northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati. I am married with 3 kids and a fur baby. My passions are reading, writing, and music and my loves are nail polish, basketball, photography and animals. I’m also kinda obsessed with quotes and lyrics. By kinda, I mean a lot.




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